North American Restaurant Criticism Archive

Effective January 1, 2020 I am archiving all restaurant reviews published in North America and the United Kingdom. This project is in response to the "Midlife Crisis of the American Restaurant Critic" by Theodore Gioia. I am attempting to establish a clear analysis of what is the current state of restaurant criticism. The Metadata for the project is included below. Please contact me if there are any restaurant critics whose work is not included in the archive.

Foodirections Maps

In conjunction with my work archiving restaurant criticism I also transfer all information included in reviews onto a series of Google Maps for friends and family to use when visiting places.

The Recipe

The Recipe is a weekly newsletter about the many intersections of food. The newsletter aims to un-silo the areas of food scholarship, restaurant gossip, home cooking, food policy and all other realms of food and discuss them within the context of each other. We’d love to have you join The Recipe community, or please consider sharing with a friend.

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